Forex With Ntombi Money Management Course

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About Course

About The Course

If you don’t know how to manage your funds, it won’t matter how much you have or how amazing your strategy is, you’ll blow accounts.

This Money Management course will teach you how to run your Forex account like a business and how to protect your equity and avoid margin call in a more practical way.

If you have been struggling with managing your trading capital and protecting your equity, this course is created for you.

Before you can learn how to manage your trading capital, you will need to shift your mindset in terms of how you view your trading account. This course will also help you shift your mindset because how you view your trading account has a huge impact on how you perform as a trader.

Q: Is a money management course suitable for someone who has never traded before?

A: NO, it is for someone who is already trading but struggling with managing their funds (refer to the learning outcomes below)

Q: Is this money management course only suitable for smaller trading accounts?

A: NO, even bigger accounts require a tight money management plan because if you can manage a smaller amount,  you can manage a bigger amount.  The principles are the same. Margin call knows NO amount.

Q: Is the money management course suitable for all trading strategies?

A: Yes, definitely. No matter how you trade, you need to learn how to protect your equity and know what is suitable to trade with your trading capital. This is to avoid trading instruments that your account cannot afford.

Q: Is the money management course suitable for demo trading?

A: YES, demo trading is all about practicing before you can start with the real thing. Your practice must be in line with how you’ll trade your real money.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Calculating the costs
  • Understanding pip values
  • Managing your funds like a business
  • Protecting your equity
  • Ultimately avoid blowing your account/margin call.

Course Content

Money Management Course

  • Introduction to money management
  • Money Management Calculating The Cost
  • Money Management Margin
  • Money Management Free Margin
  • Money Management Pip Values

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